Chatham County Board of Commissioners makes appointments to boards all throughout the year.

The Chairman of the Chatham County Commission requests the following:
a letter stating which board or authority you are interested in serving on and a copy of your most recent resume. A copy of said letter should also be sent to the Clerk of Commission. The letter may be sent by email or regular mail.

Chairman Ellis email:
Janice Bocook email:

Mailing address:
P. O. Box 8161
Savannah, GA 31412

Once the Clerk receives the letter, she will forward to all Board of Commission members.

The Chairman will bring forth the request at an executive session. The Board will discuss and upon agreement, the nomination will be brought forth for approval at the next Commission meeting.

The Clerk will notify you of your appointment and term of appointment. You will then be contacted by the board or authority to which you have been appointed to discuss your service.