The Chatham County Board of Commissioner’s Vision, Mission, and Priorities were defined during the Board’s strategic planning sessions in early 2019 after review and consideration of local health and human service indicators, an array of community forums and thoughtful discussion. The Board host community forums and district conversations to ensure the priorities continue to align to the needs of the residents, supported by data.



The mission of Chatham County Government is to protect and serve the public and provide essential services to improve the quality of life.


To make Chatham County Georgia the best place to live, work and play.

Department Overview

The Strategic Planning Department serves as a resource to county management by working with and across all departments to create plans with deliverable, measurable objectives and maintains an environment to drive progress in which the county’s expressed priorities and desired goals have the highest likelihood of being met. The department utilizes a variety of assessment tools to identify opportunities for community improvement and recommend solutions to critical issues. The Strategic Planning Department operates at the request of leadership, providing services and support designed to help plan and implement change, with the intent to improve not only the quality of the county’s internal workforce but also to enhance community well-being for all Chatham County residents.

Since the Chatham Community Blueprint was released in 2015, the Board of Commissioners and county leadership staff have worked to align with the recommended vision and goals. The department provides operational leadership to support partnership and innovative collaboration between internal departments and external stakeholders for alignment to the Blueprint where possible. The goals of the Chatham County Strategic Planning Department include, but are not limited to, promotion of cross-sector input and involvement, investigation of diverse funding opportunities, creation and production of effective and efficient programming, working in partnership with other organizations for future planning and implementation to ensure community needs are met.

Board of Commissioners Priorities


Chatham County Blueprint
  • Coastal Georgia Indicators Coalition - Chatham County Blueprint, presented to the Board of Commissioners 10/04/15
  • Published: 02/02/2023
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Strategic Initiatives

  • Resources

  • Homelessness & Housing

    • Homelessness F. A. Q.
    • Text embedded in video presentation: Did you know Chatham County helps one of the most vulnerable populations? Those experiencing homelessness. How do we help? With funds allocated from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program and funding through the County Blueprint implementation grant Process, we support organizations that devote their time to serving those in need. Organizations like… Union Mission who partners with people to end their homelessness through housing and supportive services Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless leads the effort to build and sustain community practices to eliminate homelessness. Family Promise of the Coastal Empire offers help, hope, and hospitality to homeless families with children in our communities. Chatham County understands there are many reasons why someone may find themselves homeless. Through supporting organizations that address these reasons, we hope to help those in need.

Coastal Georgia Indicators Coalition & Chatham Community Blueprint

Coastal Georgia Indicators Coalition (CGIC) was awarded a contract with Chatham County Board of Commissioners in 2014 to develop a community-wide plan known as the Chatham Community Blueprint. The Blueprint was created through intense community engagement and prioritization that included citizen input at all levels. In December 2015, the Blueprint was presented to the Board of Commissioners.

The state of Georgia provides allocations in 159 Georgia counties through the Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GFCP), a non-profit corporation. GFCP is a statewide organization that “disentangles the mess of barriers, service gaps, and inefficiencies obscuring progress and positive community outcomes”. GFCP focus is collaboration to improve outcomes for local families and children in the areas of health, school readiness and success, self-sufficient and productive families, and thriving communities. Collaboration partners include local governments and non-profit entities.

The Coastal Georgia Indicators Coalition (CGIC) is the designated Georgia Family Connection Collaborative for Chatham County. Any funds provided by GFCP will be for the benefit of CGIC in carrying out its responsibilities as a collaborative.

The collaborative is responsible for maintaining community level indicators and reporting back on an annual basis through status report on progress and challenges.
Blueprint as released in 2015:
Recent Status Update:

Blueprint Implementation Grants

Since 2018 Chatham County has solicited applications for investment in programs that address a data driven need; intended to support non-mandated programming and initiatives that directly align with the Chatham Community Blueprint and the priorities of the Chatham County Board of Commissioners.

FY24 Implementation Grant Solicitation:
Chatham County began accepting applications for FY24 Blueprint Implementation Grants
on Friday, January 27, 2023. Blueprint grants are intended to support non-mandated programming and initiatives that directly align with the Chatham Community Blueprint and the priorities of the Chatham County Board of Commissioners.

Chatham County funds will be invested in programs that address a data driven need of Chatham County residents. Program applications that align with the Blueprint and the Board’s priorities will be reviewed and competitively scored by a Review Committee composed of County staff and representatives from key Chatham County stakeholder organizations. Evaluation of each eligible proposal will include, among other criteria, the organization’s financial sustainability and the program’s demonstrated capability to deliver measurable outcomes. The Review Committee will make recommendations to the County Manager for funding programs that are diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible to all Chatham County residents and communities and effectively meet the County’s strategic priorities.

The County Manager will present the funding recommendations to the Board as part of the County’s annual budget process; the final funding decisions will be made by the Board as part of its adoption of the County’s annual budget in June 2023. Awards will vary in amount and are subject to budget constraints. Award acceptance will require an execution of a one-year service contract between the applicant organization and the County – effective July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024 – whereby the organization will agree to a defined set of deliverables in return for the County’s financial investment.

FY24 Blueprint applications were due by 11:59 PM EST on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Only complete applications, including the accompanying attachments and worksheets, submitted by the deadline, were considered for funding. Complete transparency of revenues, expenditures, and the proposed use of funds is required.

Chatham County Standards of Excellence

As a counterpart of the Board’s strategic planning work, the County Manager and Executive Te4am began developing the County’s internal Standards of Excellence for staff in consideration of the Chatham Community Blueprint, the Vision, Mission, and Priorities as well as input from the Executive Team, guided b y the assessment completed by Internal Audit.

  • Promote Public Health, Safety, and Well-Being Enhance safety and quality of life through improving infrastructure, maintaining relationships with community partners and maximizing resources.

  • Practice Exemplary Stewardship Being responsible and transparent with county funding, while maintaining embracing technology solutions to improve and streamline internal processes.

  • Deliver Quality Customer Service Develop trust by delivering expected levels of service and over clear, transparent communication.

  • Provide a Superior Work Environment Foster a work culture that recognizes and rewards employee performance, offering career advancement and competitive benefits.

Program Contact
Tara Jennings
Chatham County
Strategic Planning Administrator
124 Bull Street, Suite 320
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 652-7954