ARTICLE II - Chatham County Code of Ethics
ARTICLE III - Criminal Justice Information System Ordinance
ARTICLE I - Establishment of Departments and Offices Under the County Manager
ARTICLE II - Police Department
ARTICLE III - Emergency Management
ARTICLE IV - Purchasing
ARTICLE V - Records Retention Ordinance
ARTICLE I - Tax Assessment
ARTICLE II - Tax Commissioner
ARTICLE III - Chatham County Treasury; Depository
ARTICLE IV - Hotel/Motel Tax
  • Relocated to Chapter 16, Article IV December 17, 2021
ARTICLE V - Financial Institutions Tax
  • Relocated to Chapter 16, Article IX December 17, 2021
ARTICLE VI - Special and Additional Taxes
ARTICLE VII - Payment of Taxes
ARTICLE VIII - Tax Exemptions
ARTICLE IX - Finance
ARTICLE X - Enterprise Zone Program
ARTICLE I - Manufactured Mobile Home Park Standards
ARTICLE II - Taxation of Mobile (Manufactured) Homes
ARTICLE III - Factory Built Housing Ordinance
ARTICLE I - Police Services
ARTICLE II - Police and Licensing Powers of Chatham County
ARTICLE III - Private Detectives, Private Security Business and Alarm System Business
ARTICLE IV - Medical Reports to Police
ARTICLE V - Emergency Vehicle Service
ARTICLE VI - Wrecker Service
ARTICLE I - Motor Vehicles and Traffic
ARTICLE II - Abandoned Motor Vehicles
ARTICLE III - Commercial Vehicles Parking in Residential Areas Prohibited
ARTICLE IV - Bicycle Paths
ARTICLE V - Uniform Rules of the Road
ARTICLE VI - Uniform Traffic Control Devices
ARTICLE VII - Parking Violations
ARTICLE VIII - Public Roads
ARTICLE IX - Street Paving by Participation of Property Owners
ARTICLE X - Streets, Roads, and County Property
ARTICLE XI - Rights-of-Way Encroachment
ARTICLE XII - Streetlighting Ordinance
ARTICLE XIII - Red Light Camera Enforcement Ordinance
ARTICLE XIV - Motorized Carts
ARTICLE I - Authorization for County to Provide Transit Services
ARTICLE II - Chatham Area Transit Authority
ARTICLE III - Creation of a Special District for Transit Service
ARTICLE I - Sewage Disposal and Industrial Wastewaters
ARTICLE II - Water Systems
ARTICLE III - Shallow Irrigation Wells
ARTICLE IV - Drainage, Sanitation and Water
ARTICLE V - Drainage Construction Cost Recovery
ARTICLE VI - Well Ordinance
ARTICLE VII - Assessment Procedures for Extension of County Water and Sewer
ARTICLE I - Business; General Provisions
ARTICLE II - Books and Magazines
ARTICLE III - Transient Merchants, Peddlers and Solicitors
ARTICLE IV - Hotel/Motel Tax
ARTICLE V - Fortunetelling or Similar Practices
ARTICLE VI - Child Day Care Agencies
ARTICLE VII - Reserve for Future Use
ARTICLE VIII - Massage Therapy Practices
ARTICLE IX - Financial Institutions Tax
ARTICLE X - Insurance Licenses and Premium Tax
ARTICLE XI - The Chatham County Pawnbrokers Ordinance
ARTICLE XII - Landfills
ARTICLE XIII - Short Term Rental Ordinance

Please see the Minutes of the July 30, 2021 Commission meeting for the most up to date version of this Chapter.

ARTICLE I - Alcoholic Beverages Code
ARTICLE II - County Restrictions
ARTICLE III - The Chatham County Nude Dancing Ordinance
ARTICLE IV - Alcoholic Beverage Caterer Ordinance
ARTICLE I - General Provisions
ARTICLE II - Adoption of and Amendments to Technical Codes
ARTICLE IV - Temporary Moving/Storage Units
ARTICLE I - Health
ARTICLE III - Sanitation
ARTICLE IV - Waste Collection
ARTICLE V - Property Maintenance
ARTICLE VI - Chatham County Biomedical Waste Ordinance
ARTICLE VII - Chatham County Nuisance Abatement Code
ARTICLE VIII - Report of Spill or Release of Hazardous Substance or Oil
ARTICLE IX - An Ordinance to Restrict Smoking in Places of Public Accommodation; to Repeal All Other Ordinances in Conflict Herewith and for Other Purposes.
ARTICLE X - Payment of Registration Fee by Facilities with Hazardous Substances
ARTICLE XI - Emergency Access Requirements for Gated Communities Unincorporated Chatham County
ARTICLE XII - Fire Protection Service Fee
ARTICLE I - Flood Damage Prevention Adopted on September 19, 2008, to become effective September 26, 2008.
ARTICLE II - Land-Disturbing Activities Ordinance
ARTICLE III - Noise Control
ARTICLE IV - Transport of Nuclear Waste
ARTICLE V - Lake Pollution
ARTICLE VI - Industrial Wastewaters Deleted November 16, 2001. See Chapter 15, Article I, the “Combined Sewer Disposal and Industrial Wastewaters Ordinance.”
ARTICLE VII - Storm Water Management Ordinance
ARTICLE VIII Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance
ARTICLE IX Technology Administration and Regulation