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Over the past two years, Chatham County officials, Chatham Emergency Services representatives, and I have been meeting to discuss how best to provide fire protection services in unincorporated Chatham County. These conversations became necessary due to non-payment of the annual fire subscription fee by property owners, resulting in funding challenges for the fire department. To cover the cost, the Board of Commission propose to enact a Fire Protection Service Fee.

Commissioners held several town hall meetings and surveyed the community to gain feedback from citizens of unincorporated Chatham County. As a result, Commissioners voted favorably in December 2021, to enter into a contract with Chatham Emergency Services to provide the necessary fire protections for residents.

To find out more about the Fire Protection Service Fee, and how it will affect you, please visit our Fire Service website .

Lee Smith
County Manager

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  • 2022
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News Seeking Public Comment on Proposed Chatham County Indoor Recreation Center
  • 2022
Proposed Indoor Recreation Center

Seeking Public Comment on Proposed Chatham County Indoor Recreation Center

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News Image of firefighters on ladder at a fire
  • 2022
Fire Service Fee for property owners in the unincorporated County.

If you live in unincorporated Chatham County and were previously billed by Chatham Emergency Services for a fire subscription fee, you will no longer receive a bill from them and instead be billed a Fire Services Fee by Chatham County.

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Public Notice American Rescue Plan Act
  • 2021
American Rescue Plan Act

How will the American Rescue Plan Act funds be invested in Chatham County?


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